If there was a country called disabled, I would be from there.
I live disabled culture, eat disabled food, make disabled love, 
cry disabled tears, climb disabled mountains and tell disabled stories.

If there was a country called disabled,
Then I am one of its citizens. I came there at age 8. I tried to leave.
Was encouraged by doctors to leave. I tried to surgically remove myself from disabled country but found myself, in the end,
staying and living there.

If there was a country called disabled,
I would always have to remind myself that I am from there. I often want to forget. I would have to remember...to remember.

In my life's journey I am making myself
At home in my country.

- Neil Marcus

In the spirit of the incredible work of Neil Marcus, Disabled Country seeks to create a platform for disabled perspectives. Presented by Disability Rights Iowa, Disabled Country celebrates the disabled experience and condemns the strongest terms all those who propagate the poisons of ableism and prejudice. We believe that the disabled experience brings with it a rich cultural identity, and a healthy community. For all those eager to celebrate that identity, and explore the many issues facing people with disabilities, welcome to Disabled Country.

For topic ideas or to submit posts for potential publication, please email us at Esmith@driowa.org.

To learn more about Neil Marcus, and his incredible body of work, visit: http://www.neilmarcus.com/

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