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DRI to Launch Accessibility Awareness Campaign #IAccessible


May 14, 2019

Anne Matte, Communications and Voting Outreach Coordinator

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DRI to Launch Accessibility Awareness Campaign #IAccessible

(Des Moines, Iowa) – Disability Rights Iowa is working with Access Earth to launch a state-wide public accessibility campaign #IAccessible. DRI is encouraging Iowans to download the Access Earth app and use it and #IAccessible to let others know about the accessibility or inaccessibility of local venues.

Why Does Access Matter?

All too often, lack of access restricts the lives of people with disabilities. Imagine a single step preventing you from enjoying coffee with friends, or having to head home from a night out because a music venue lacks an accessible bathroom. For people with disabilities, these are common experiences. This campaign will educate Iowans about these barriers, allow people with disabilities to search for accessible venues, and share experiences from across the state.

Though the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed 29 years ago, many public venues are still not accessible to people with disabilities. This excludes roughly 20 percent of the overall American population and about 349,036 Iowans from participating in everyday activities. Additionally, lack of access hinders the economic participation of people with disabilities by putting many consumer goods literally and figuratively beyond their reach.

Working with the Access Earth app, DRI will call attention to accessibility issues and highlight businesses and venues that prioritize access. This way, Iowans with disabilities will possess the tools necessary to more fully participate in regular daily activities, without the frustration and burden of access being placed on their shoulders.

In addition to letting people with disabilities know which venues are accessible to them, this campaign will also highlight for business owners and property owners the presence of people with disabilities in their communities, and the growing demand for accessible spaces.

How to Participate, it’s Simple!

We want community participation! Download the Access Earth app on iTunes or the Google Play store, or go to access.earth and use the web-based version of the app. Create or link an account and rate local venues based on the questions the app provides. Once a venue has been rated, share the accessibility, or lack thereof, on social media using #IAccessible and tagging DRI on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. DRI will share posts using #IAccessible to let Iowans know which venues present significant barriers, and those who have made inclusive, accessible features a priority.

To get started, view the Full Access Earth Tutorial.

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Disability Rights Iowa aims to defend and promote the human and legal rights of Iowans who have disabilities and mental illnesses. DRI promotes safety, opportunity, access, and self-determination for all Iowans.

For more information call (515)-278-2502 x 34 or visit: www.driowa.org

Full Access Earth Tutorial


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